Our First Knitting Project

Today is day two of learning how to knit!  We are having the most frustrating time trying to figure out how to alternate purl and knit on the same side of the thing.  Ze practice thing.  How the bleeping bleep do you do that??!?!?  RAWR.

LIGHTBULB! We’re going to try something…hold please. *Elevator music*  Ok scratch that…RAWR.

Either way, here is our progress thus far….

Christine’s “thing”

Lenore’s “thing”

I think we officially have to give up the experimentation on trying to find how to do what I did by accident, which we just learned is called the Garter stitch, but no one will show us how.  @sses.

Hokay, that’s it for tonight, we’re sick of this $h!t.


**An update to our post last night:  I was able to figure out how to do the pattern I wanted.  All knitting, never purling.  Wow…all that hubbub and all we had to do was keep knitting knitting knitting.  Ugh.


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