Time, Time

Um, wow.  So, the last few weeks has just been a bunch of time flying by.  I don’t know what Lenore has been crafting, but I know I’ve been crafting NOTHING.  The new puppy is taking up all of my time, and so is working 7 days a week!!

I haven’t gotten very far at all on my current practice piece.  I was going to practice the leg warmers full size, but I haven’t even gotten past the knit cuff part.  Sad.

And now my mind is on more seasonal-type crafts, like Halloween!! Normally I’d race home last second and try to carve 3 intricate pumpkins within an hour (which obviously never works out), so this year I’d like to be a little more prepared than that.  I hope to have all of these done the day BEFORE hahaha.

Here are some of the things I’d like to do:

Time, Time

Doily pumpkin

Time, Time

There was no link for this one, but I think it’s just nylons over a white pumpkin

Time, Time

Vampire pumpkins

I saw another one that was small pumpkins with a hole in the top for votives (or you could do it without), and black pipe cleaners glued on to look like spider legs.  I def want to do those for outside, and maybe spray paint some of them black?

All of these things will be WAY faster than carving, and they’re super cute!  I will have to post an update once I actually do these, at Halloween.

Ta-ta for now ~C


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