It has been a while…

That last post was a while ago!

Here are the pictures of the Halloween crafts that I made 🙂


I haven’t done any crafting besides those two things.  But I am done with my second job in a few weeks, and hopefully will have more time and energy to do some crafting again.  The only other obsticle I face, is this sweet little devil:

Terror of my life.  She’s worse than a cat with a loose string.  Sheesh.

Also, the holidays are now upon us, and that means lots of FOOOOOOOOD.  Nom nom nom nom nom.  I’m leaving my second job just in time for a vet appointment, holiday party, and baking 6 dozen cookies one weekend, then making all of the christmas cookies and decorating the house the next weekend.  By that time it’ll be Christmas and we’ll finally have family in town for a Christmas since…………well, since I was 12 or something.  SUPER EXCITED!!!  That little ankle biter up there will also be getting her first surgery.  I’m hoping that means she’ll be extra docile 😉



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