Lessons Learned


I finally finished this little piece, Winter Woods, from Mill Hill. I bought and started this kit in 2013 (!), but didn’t pick it up again until this summer and finished it today.

I learned a few things along the way:

  • Redo ugly stitches immediately or risk cringing at them forever.  There are quite a few in this project. *cringe*
  • If not using the fabric that comes with a kit use a fabric with the same thread count. This kit came with perforated paper, but I was afraid of tearing it so I replaced it with linen in a similar color.  Because I got it in my head that higher thread count=more difficult=better (I had just seen some beautiful projects on very fine–40+ count–linen and loved how delicate they looked) I bought linen in a higher count than the paper.  This didn’t change my project drastically, but it is a little smaller than it’s supposed to be.  And that might not have mattered had it not been for the beads.  The beads that came with the kit are the perfect size for the perforated paper, but were too big for the finer linen (they looked bulky and didn’t lie correctly).  I had to buy new, smaller beads and redo some of the beading.  Not fun.  Speaking of beads…
  • Beads may not be worth the time and frustration they require.  Although they are really pretty.  Enh, I’ll probably end up using them again.
  • It’s a cliché, but it’s true: comparison is the thief of joy.  I was curious to see how others had framed this project so I googled it.  I read on one blog that one woman had (beautifully) stitched this piece in 26 hours!  It took me…much longer than that.  I am slowly becoming a better stitcher and more efficient, though.  I’ll maybe get there one day.
  • Maybe finishing (corseting, framing, etc.) should be left to the professionals.  I tried corseting this piece three times before taking it in to the shop.  I took a picture after it was done correctly in case I ever felt like trying to do it by myself again.
My attempt at corseting. Yikes.

My attempt at corseting. Yikes.


The correct way to corset

I’m very happy to be done with this project and it makes me wonder…is working on the piece or finishing the piece the best part of stitching?  (Or craft or art or endeavor of any kind?)



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