Going Old School

Calligraphy has always intrigued me.  It is so amazingly beautiful.  In high school art class we did a unit on calligraphy, which I enjoyed immensely – hoping it would last forever because let’s be honest….I suck at art.  And although calligraphy is an art form, it’s very structured, which I respond to well.

We lived in Germany while I was in middle school, and it was required that we write all of our school work with ink.  No ballpoint pens allowed…only fountain pens.  I appreciate this now as an adult; to have the experience of learning something more traditional.

I was on Instagram (as I usually am) last week and saw a few calligraphy videos.  After wandering about 10 videos and three websites deep, I learned of Spencerian Script self-teach materials from Michael Sull. Here is his website

I looked through their catalog and decided I wanted to give it a try.  It was (I thought) surprisingly inexpensive.  I wanted to order a kit, and noticed that it was a mail order form.  MAIL ORDER.  How.  Adorable.  And how appropriate.  I filled out the order form, wrote out a check, and sent it in.  “2-4 weeks for materials to arrive”.  As a notoriously impatient person, I’m not even bothered that I can’t track my order…or that it will take almost a month for it to arrive.  I love that it is part of the experience.

I hope to update much more in the future with my journey of learning calligraphy.



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