Scrapbook cover

My husband’s grandmother turned 90 on the 18th and my mother-in-law is throwing her a party today. She asked me to make or buy a guestbook…and those were literally my only instructions.  I knew I wanted to stitch something, but didn’t know how to execute it.  I decided I wanted to use shades of purple, since amethyst is February’s birthstone.  I created the text pattern using (highly recommended!).  I found the little flowers in a pattern book and added beads and lazy daisy stitches.

Attaching the linen to the scrapbook album was the difficult part.  I had planned on corsetting the linen to foam core and batting and then gluing that to the scrapbook cover, but thought it would stick out from the cover too much.  So…I stalled until this morning when it hit me that I could create a little slip cover with fabric.  That meant pulling out the dreaded sewing machine, though.  I luckily found this really pretty purple fabric in my stash.  Knowing my time was running out I took a deep breath and dove in.  I took some measurements, sketched it out, and began cutting.  It wasn’t too difficult and looks pretty cute (though it is terribly imperfect).  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I procrastinate.



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