I finally tried sashiko and I love stitching it as much as I love the navy and white designs. I’ve been wanting to try it for quite a while, so when I found a vendor selling kits at the Quilt Expo last weekend I knew it was finally time to start. The vendor had a gorgeous sashiko sampler quilt made up of square blue panels from various kits. I got the kit above (kits include fabric pre-marked with chalk and instructions in Japanese) and my sister bought three more to give me at Christmas. I plan to make a wall hanging quilt with the four panels. 

I found sashiko to be very quick to learn and very calming. It didn’t take me very long to get the hang of loading up my needle with multiple stitches and once I did the panel was finished in no time. I find it necessary to embrace imperfection and character (in fact, I’m drawn to it more the older I get) with sashiko as the thread is thick and it’s hard to get consistent stitches (the fabric isn’t counted like in cross stitch or blackwork). I can’t wait to stitch some more!



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